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February 2024
Nursery Manager
12 hour Paediatric First Aid

- Informal

- Fun/had a laugh

- Approachable


- Everything excellent

January 2024
12 Hour Paediatric First Aid


Engaging, informative. Chris is a brilliant trainer - great humour when teaching about some serious topics! Thankyou so much

January 2024
Nursery Nurse
12 hour Paediatric First Aid

Very friendly approachable, knowledgeable, easy sessions with lots learn in short amounts of times. Easy and to the point whilst still being informative and also fun to chat with. Definite recommendation.

January 2024
Basic Life Support

Great fun, great interaction. Wasnt too serious will remember the course due to the nature and funny content ***** from all the staff.

January 2024

Basic Life Support

Very good.

Trainers both very knowledgeable and 


Made the course fun even though its a serious topi

October 2023
12 hour Paediatric First Aid

Chris is an excellent tutor today and on our zoom. He makes us feel comfortable, meaning we can ask any question we need and also gave us all the information required to make us feel we can treat the first aid needed.

October 2023
Early Years Practitioner
12 hour Paediatric First Aid

Informative first aid - good knowledge. Chris is very engaging and makes the course fun and interesting.

September 2023
Child Practitioner

12 hour Paediatric First Aid

Good equipment, excellent experience. It was made very fun and enjoyable.  We were asked lots of questions to reinforce our knowledge. Demonstrations were very clear.

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