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Customer Testimonials

"Super easy to understand. Great to refresh knowledge. Excellent zoom meeting and in person hands on class. Highly recommend"

Childminder, Braintree, July 2023

" Thoroughly enjoyed attending the 1st Aid course with Chris. Easily understood and very informative."

Childminder, Essex, July 2023

"Very competent trainer, enjoyable course, very friendly. Returned to this course again and again."

Childminder, Essex, July 2023

"Good course. Our interest was kept through lots of interesting stories and frequent questioning to check that we had understood.  I would definitely recommend."

Preschool manager, Hertfordshire, July 2023

"The course was very interesting ans was made fun and engaging.  Chris was lovely and very knowledgeable, was all round an entertaining session"

Nursery Practitioner, Hertfordshire, June 2023

"Great course lots of knowledge and fantastic fun teaching method.  Questions were answered in depth and felt at ease.  Would definitely use again"

Nanny/Housekeeper, Hertfordshire, May 2023

"This course is easy to join in with and easy to follow, Chris makes it fun and chilled.  It is a fun, knowledgeable course.  Chris is fabulous"

Nursery room leader, Cambridgeshire, May 2023

"I have attended several of Chris's courses at my work setting and they are always fun, relaxed but most importantly informative.  I take in and recall the course in this style so a big thank you!"

Teaching Assistant, Hertfordshire, April 2023

"Chris, as always, offered a fantastic course.  The information was expertly delivered using fun, easy to understand method.  I would always use CL First Aid as my provider, having used others in the past they are the best!!"

Nursery Director, Hertfordshire, April 2023

"A super first aid course! lots of detail, demonstrations and all questions answered to help further our understanding"

Nanny, Cambridgeshire, March 2023

Another concise, practical and relatable Paediatrics training. The on-line training worked really well and no time to switch off! The bre​ak out rooms were also a positive of the on line training. All felt at the end of the practical they were refreshed in knowledge and confident and competent to tackle both minor and more major first aid, together with CPR.

Thanks again Chris and I'll be booking more during the year with you."

Primary, Hertfordshire, March 2023

"Chris was absolutely fantastic, made the training fun whilst saying all the information needed. I now feel so confident in able to provide first aid to my children in the setting."

Nursery room leader, Hertfordshire, February 2023

"Chris is such a fantastic teacher, he makes training so fun, interactive and supports his learner through chatting about scenarios and demonstrations.  Chris gives a calm relaxing atmosphere and thoroughly went through each part of the training in extreme detail understanding and making sense of first aid."

Manager, Stoke Poges, February 2023

"Chris is the most fantastic trainer. Really personable and full of information, Highly recommend"

Nursery Manager, Irthlingborough, February 2023

"Very interesting, 3rd time of doing the first aid course with this company and still learnt new information and knowledge"

Nursery Practitioner, Kettering, February 2023

"Very informative first aid training, I liked how the trainer would relate topics to real situations.  Kept excellent pace, very hands on and practical advise. Very experienced trainer, excellent knowledge and delivery of course content."

Early years practitioner, Essex, February 2023

"The first aid course was enjoyable, Chris is full of knowledge, makes the training fun and enjoyable.  No questions too much trouble.  Thank you."

Childminder, Herts, February 2023

"We had a very informative training session, delivered in such a fun way.  I am sure everyone will remember what we have been taught.  Thank you so very much!"

Principal, Herts, January 2023

"A fun, knowledgeable, positive learning experience. Would highly recommend."

Nanny, Herts, January 2023

"We have used CL First Aid Training for a number of years now and have always found them really informative and good fun.  Many providers are not as interesting and dont make it a good experience.  We will continue to use CL."

Office Manager, Hertfordshire, November 2022

" Very Organised and informative course, it was nice to have a mixture of online and in person training"

Nursery Director, Manchester, November 2022

"Absolutely essential training programme. Informative, relevant and fun.  Practical element really opened my eyes. Empowered to feel that I can help fellow work colleagues."

C.O.O/G.C, Herts, November 2022

"Very efficient and professional as well as accommodating. Understood and worked around our very complex timetable"

Director and  Head Sports Coach, Watford, November 2022

"Very good and informative, Chris is lovely and easy to and engage with"

Childcare assistant, Hertfordshire, November 2022

" Chris helped to make the training interesting enough to keep us all focused,  He was very good at using materials and equipment and getting to the point so that it didn't become boring"

Nursery Nurse, Birmingham, November 2022

"Down to earth and relaxed approach, made the course a lot easier to follow"

Fencer, Bedfordshire, November 2022

" Very friendly and knowledgeable guy, great course"

Fencer, Bedfordshire, November 2022

" Great trainer would use again"

Childminder, Colchester, October 2022

" Lots of fun whilst learning how to save lives....Chris is Fab!"

Nursery Practitioner, Leighton Buzzard, September 2022

"Chris is an excellent first aid trainer, he has the right amount of informative information as well as fun banter to ensure we learn techniques and procedures to preserve life but in a fun way"

Childminder, Uttlesford, September 2022

"Had a great experience during the course. Very helpful, learnt so much"

Trade Manager, Heathrow,  August 2022

"Chris always ensures the training is informative, specific and purposeful.  He is knowledgeable and his enjoyable teaching approach ensures key information is remembered"

Nursery manager, Birmingham, August 2022

"I very much enjoyed the training. Chris was very friendly and made it enjoyable and memorable.  I came away feeling like I had learnt a lot and feel confident to use the skills I have learnt"

Nanny, Herts, June 2022

"The course was very informative Chris was knowledgeable and made the morning/afternoon very enjoyable for us all. I would highly recommend him to people I know.  Thank you"

Teaching Assistant, Herts, June 2022 

"Fantastic trainer who made the course fun and informative.  CL training and particularly Chris will be our first port of call for any future Paediatric First Aid Training. Thank you."

Nursery Principal, Herts, May 2022

"Thank you again Chris, for your concise, accurate yet witty interpretation of First Aid. Having personally completed Paediatric to basic First Aid with you over the years, your ability to cover all elements in such a fun and memorable way is a credit to you for a topic which is so vital to us all in preserving life as a First Aider. We look forward to inviting you back in the near future."

Office Manager, Herts, May 2022

"I've been on this course three times now and look forward to the course each time.  Fun, enjoyable and informative, Chris makes First Aid accessible for everyone."

Nursery Practitioner, Cambridgeshire, May 2022

"A fantastic first aid course, Lots to learn and lots of information to take away and pass onto others.  Its given me confidence and reassurance should a situation occur."

Childminder, Herts, April 2022

"Thank you Chris for a very informative and interesting morning.  Its always great to have reminders about basic first aid as well as receiving updates.  Lots of food for thought too, especially around our own day to day first aid practices and record keeping."

Head Teacher, Herts, April 2022

"Chris is the friendliest guy and is very welcoming.  He gives the information for the course to you in a fun way that's easy to remember, Great first aid course.  Thank you."

Nanny, Herts, March 2022

"Amazing course, great instructors, will only use this company.  A lovely relaxing environment to learn in."

Maternity Nurse, Herts, March 2022

"I really enjoyed the course, it was interesting and fun and helped refresh our memories, its amazing how much comes back to you, we have come back 3 times when its due, Chris is so good."

Childminders, Herts, March 2022

"The first aid course was very informative and efficient.  Chris is full of useful knowledge and makes the whole experience fun despite it being a very serious topic"

Nanny, Herts, March 2022

"Chris was really informative and really knowledgeable.  He made the learning really fun and memorable.  I really felt I learnt alot and topped up my knowledge from previous training"

Nursery Practitioner, Hatfield, March 2022

"Chris is a very informative but fun trainer.  The course is enlightening and very thorough.  I came away feeling very confident".

Assistant Headteacher, Watford, March 2022

"We all found the course enjoyable and informative.  Chris delivers First Aid training in a way that everyone is engaged and focused. We even found the Zoom parts very good"

Day Nursery Manager, Stoke Poges, Feb 2022

"The course was informative yet fun, Chris was easy to talk too and made training on a weekend fun, I have learnt a lot more on my refresher course and feel as though it will stay with me longer."

Nursery Nurse, Manchester, Feb 2022

"Chris was a great trainer, made sure everyone was included. He also made sure we were relaxed and had fun while still teaching us the serious side of paediatric first aid.  Thank you Chris.

Pre-School Practitioner, Herts, Jan 2022

"Chris has made first aid training fun. I have learnt so much and feel I will remember so much as it was taught in a fun formative way - I would highly recommend.

Nanny, Herts, Jan 2022

"I would like to thank Chris on behalf of myself and the team at                       Walsall for delivering us our first aid training.  Chris made it interesting and non-boring. We all had a laugh and giggle which made it all the better.  Would highly recommend and would definatley use again.  Thanks Chris A* "

Nursery Manager (private Day Nursery), Walsall, January 2022

"I have attended many First Aid course over the years, but Chris's are by far the best.  He makes them fun, interestingand engages brilliantly with all the participants"

Forest School Practitioner, Herts, January 2022

"A very fun, interesting and informal training that I felt was really useful as well as a refresher course for me.  Brilliant as you never know what can happen day to day or what difficulties/problems that may arise.  Thank you."

Nursery Assistant, Herts, December 2021

"As always Chris is amazing, he makes the course interesting and very memorable. Will see you again in three years"

Principal of Dance Academy, Herts, November 2021

"Very informative and fun making it easier to remember the information learned.  Chris is funny and a very good teacher.  We enjoy first aid alot when we retrain every few years with him.  Thank you Chris"

Nursery Practitioner, Birmingham, November 2021

"Informative training- really helped take the fear out of 'first aid' for me increasing my confidence should i be faced with such a crisis.  Chris is very patient and easy to talk too and the whole trainin was very enjoyable"

Pre-School Senco, Hertfordshire, October 2021

"What a great first aid course, Chris is a fun and very knowledgable trainer who explains everything so clearly. I will definitely recommend and return. Thank You"

Childminder, Hertfordshire, October 2021

"As always Chris has delivered excellent training which has catered to everyones individual needs"

Manager, Cambridgeshire, October 2021

"I have promoted, arranged, hosted and taken part in training from Chris for over 10 years. Its brilliant.  The company are fab to deal with, Chris's teaching technique is fab"

Childminder, Owner and Director, Essex, September 2021

"Such a good course, Chris is super knowledgeable and makes this course fun and interesting.  Great In house and very accomadating (especailly as we left it last minute)"

Childminder, Essex, August 2021

"This is our 3rd time using Chris and Gerry for First Aid Training and the support and service was again fab.  I was recommended Chris by another Pre-School and so pleased we used him."

PreSchool, Essex, August 2021

"Chris has been our first aid trainer for 10 years+.  We have necer hads a boring course and everyone always raves about how fun and informative his courses are"

PreSchool Owner, West Sussex, July 2021

"The training was fantastic!, Chris's delivery was knowledgeable, informative and engaging.  Staff feel very confident as a result. I can highly recommend it!"

Head, Herts, July 2021

"We had a great course.  Chris has a good style of delivery which maintained our engagement throughout."

Manager, Herts, June 2021

"Chris was a very fun trainer keeping the days light yet informative, would definatly take the course again."

Keyworker, Cambs, June 2021

"This is the third time we have had Chris come and do our Paediatric First Aid, as always he makes it fun, rememberable and informative. The knowledge shared is always great and shared well. Thank you."

Deputy Manager, Northants, June 2021

"Fantastic course!! Chris is always so informative and keeps everyone engaged throughout.  All staff feel reassured when learning and have confidence to preserve and save lives.  Thank You"

Managing Director, Herts, May 2021

"I have been using Chris for 9 years and he is fantastic!, Very well informed and covers all areas in depth. Thank you".

Nursery Director, Beds, May 2021

"A really enjoyable course, Chris explains it all and also makes it fun at the same time."

Nursery Manager, Essex, April 2021

" Chris has been truly superb and has provided such an excellent course, delivered with professionlism and both engaging and friendly style.  Very impressive and highly recommend!"

Buisiness Manager, Northamptonshire, April 2021

"Chris makes the subject fun and with his animated personality I think I will retain the information better.  See you in 3 years."

Deputy Manager, Cambridgeshire, March 2021

"Good course full of useful information! Well managed including Covid 19 Protection measures"

Nursery Manager, Herts, March 2021

"Chris was brilliant and very informational, great fun facts.  This was very educational and we will be able to use this in our practice if needed."

Nursery Deputy, Herts, March 2021

"Very enjoyable in this tough time, Chris was very organised and made it fun, he did well going to each bubble explaining CPR and Recovery position."

Nursery Nurse, London, Feb 2021

"Such a great training course, they made it fun, informative and easy to remember.  Thanks you for sharing your knowledge"

Deputy Manager, Herts, Jan 2021

"Such a great training course, they made it fun, informative and easy to remember. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Deputy Manager, Beds, Jan 2021

"Chris is a fantastic teacher, he made my team feel welcome and dealt with nerves and anxiety of the girls very well and they really enjoyed the course so thanks so much and will continue to highly recommend you."

Nursery owner, Herts, Jan 2021

"The session was very informative and was presented in a way to make it fun and keep us engaged in the session"

Nursery, Herts, Dec 2020

"Very informative and clear to understand. Covid Secure"

Gym Owner, Hendon, Dec 2020

"The best first aid course ever been on, Delivered in a fun, relaxed and informative way tackling all areas of first aid.  Super impressed with new 'COVID' training dolls, felt very reassured in these uncertain times, would highly recommend." 

Primary School, Essex, Dec 2020

"During this very difficult COVID time, CL was very accommodating and flexible with dates and a venue.  Chris equipped us well and we feel confident that we can use first aid in our setting.  It is a serious subject but Chris was inspiring and left a great impression on us"

Pre School, Herts, Nov 2020

"The course was very informative and the trainer made it interactive and engaging. We would highly recommend this company"

Deputy Manager, Herts, Nov 2020

"Chris is very knowledgeable, provided examples and scenarios of situations where 1st aid was used effectively and what not to do.  Gave staff time to feel confident in their knowledge and abilities.  Staff were able to ask questions and were given answers to their concerns, again gave staff ability to feel confident.  Chris supports staff when going through steps in resuscitation techniques. My team feel able to put their knowledge into practice should they need to do so."

Pre-School manager, Hertfordshire, Nov 2020

"Friendly, Covid Safe, Very interesting, memorable, informative, highly recommend."

Childminder, Essex, Nov 2020

"Chris made the course fun and in​spiring.  HIs explanations are simple but informative and easy to digest.  I feel empowered and confident and am really glad I have done this course."

Lecturer, Essex, Oct 2020

"This is my second course with CL First Aid Training and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Chris was our trainer this time and he certainly made the course fun and therefore interesting and inspiring.  I will definitely see them in 3 years time!"

Nanny, Hertfordshire, Oct 2020

"This was an excellent course, I really enjoyed it.  Chris was easy to listen to and made the information fun, interesting and memorable, would highly recommend to others needing first aid training."

Nursery Nurse, Essex, Sept 2020

"I found the course a refreshing way to learn first aid, with plenty of chances to ask if I was unsure of anything.  Great way to learn without feeling overwhelmed."

Early Years Practitioner, Essex, Sept 2020

"Having attended 2 previous courses, this was definitely the best.  Chris has a very natural but informative manner.  He made the course totally interesting and fun.  Would highly recommend".

Nursery Manager, Herts, Sept 2020

"The first aid course was really good with new information and good fun throughout the 2 days".

Deputy Manager, Herts, Sept 2020

"Paediatric first aid was made fun and informative by our trainer Chris.  We learnt all we needed in a fun and positive way and still had a laugh. Practising CPR on our individual dummies was fun."

Room Leader, Herts., Sept 2020

"Chris provides great information while making it fun.  This is the 3rd time now and he never looses us.  Will be using for many more years."

Optical Services, Herts, Sept 2020

"Excellent training course, no questions left unanswered, feel armed with all the information I need.  Would definitely recommend. Felt engaged throughout the whole course as delivered in a fun way."

Dispensing Optician, Herts, Sept 2020

"Training was delivered very well. Social distancing rules followed. We had individual manikins to work on, face masks provided for individuals if needed. Safe and secure."

Third in charge, Bedfordshire, July 2020

"A brilliant first aid course, full of information and fun, helping all to become confident in first aid within the setting. Trainer provided good resources and equipment to allow for covid 19 regulations, making the course continue to be practical. All good all round - highly recommend!"

Deputy nursery manager, Cambridgeshire, July 2020

"A very relaxed and informative course run by a friendly and experienced trainer.

Childminder, Hertfordshire, March 2020

"Best first aid training i have been on in 15 years........ Highly recommend."

Childminder, Hertfordshire, March 2020

"Totally fantastic trainer, explained everything in normal terms with a laugh along the way - would re-book again."

Childminder, Hertfordshire, March 2020

"Fantastic team, lots of laughs, the information have been delivered smoothly and on a high quality. I truly recommend it. I previously had lots of first aid training (i used to be a flight attendant) but this first aid course was the best! Well done!"

Senior nursery educator, Hertfordshire, Feb 2020

"Gerry is a lovely funny man who delivered our first aid course in a friendly yet jam packed manner. Lots of real life experiences which really helped the info to stick in (great course) (Thankyou Gerry)"

Baby room leader, Hertfordshire, Dec 2019

"Informative and interesting course. Chris had a straight forward approach which help me build my confidence in approaching/carrying out first aid - making it far less daunting and empowering me to apply the principles"

Playgroup leader, Hertfordshire, Dec 2019

"It was a great course to refresh my knowledge on first aid. Enough equipment was provided and the course had a steady flow if information."

Nursery Nurse, Hertfordshire, Nov 2019

"Gerry was very supportive and helpful during this course, answering all questions and using real life case examples to help us learn. I feel more confident in my ability as a practitioner as well as a first aider as i know now what i would do in an emergency situations"

Nursery practitioner, Hertfordshire, Nov 2019

"The course was informative and fun which makes it easier to absorb all the information given on the course.  It also means that you are more confident when you need to use the skills and information learned on the course at work and elsewhere."

Nursery assistant, Hertfordshire, Nov 2019

"I just want to thank Gerry for a positive, fun and informative four day first aid course. I as a nursery practitioner have learnt a lot and feel if i was put in any scenario of what we have covered i would feel at ease with completing CPR etc. Gerry is very professional and gives detail of each are we covered to detail."

Nursery practitioner, Hertfordshire, Nov 2019

"Very fun and informative course, adjust well for all styles of learning, would happily recommend this course and trainer to friends and family."

Level 2 Apprentice, Bedfordshire, Oct 2019

"We have used CL First Aid Training for approx 6 years now. I always find the trainers very knowledgeable + they make the learning fun and are very easy to approach/ask questions. Gerry was our trainer on this occasion, very accommodating + nothing to much trouble."

Admin officer, Hertfordshire, Oct 2019

"Very informative, Gerry was easy to talk to and could discuss misconceptions without embarrassing up. Gerry is very knowledgeable about first aid and could answer all questions and could explain very clearly what would need to happen and when. I feel much more confident that i could deliver first aid."

Teacher, Hertfordshire, Oct 2019

"Gerry was informative and made the experience of the training fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this course to others."

Apprentice nursery assistant, Bedfordshire, Oct 2019

"Very informative, patent in answering questions. Detailed and supported"

Nursery practitioner, Bedfordshire, Oct 2019

"Fun and interesting experience. Understood everything as it was made simple informative. All demonstrations were well performed."

Early years Apprentice, Hertfordshire, Sept 2019

"Very good. Very intersting + informative. Easy to follow and comprehend. Would recommend :) Gerry is very nice and easy to talk to."

Early years practionor, Hertfordshire, Sept 2019

"An informative, in-depth course. Very friendly and comfortable. Gerry has lots of experience and wqs able to answer all the questions i had. Thankyou!"

Day nursery deputy manager, Hertfordshire, Sept 2019

"This was a wonderful course, very inspiring and gave me more confiden​ce to assist in an emergency. Learnt in a fun and relaxed atmosphere being a group a 4."

Childminder, Hertfordshire, April 2019

"Chris and Gerry are both outstanding trainers, providing thorough information in a fun and easy going way. They had the entire group laughing, and no one was bored for a second. Their training gives all the relevant information supplied in a fun way. I'd definitely recommend to anyone and will be booking again in the future."

Deputy Manager, Watford, April 2019

"This course is very interesting and well delivered by the trainers. We covered lots of subjects and all questions were answered. Examples were given of real life situations and everyone learnt something new"

Pre School Room Leader, Watford, April 2019

"Chris was a brilliant trainer! He put everyone at ease + was very knowledgeable. The information he provided was concise + to the point + could answer all the questions our group had. We will definitely be using him again to provide our team training!"

Nursery, Northants, Mar 2019

"We've had a very relaxed, fun and informative course, our trainer Chris was very pleasant and made our time fun. The group was also small, and welcoming we will be back in 3 years, thank you Chris."

Girl-guiding Leader, Barnet, Mar 2019

"The course was very informative, fun and I also found out some information that i did not know about previously. Chris the instructor was a good fun instructor making it easy to fit in with the group and be comfortable. I would recommend this training course."

Nanny, Watford, Mar 2019

"I really enjoyed the course. I felt very relaxed and enjoyed joining in with the role play. I think I learnt more through this relaxed, friendly approach. I would highly recommend C.L to anyone"

Childminder, Essex,Feb 2019

"Gerry was amazing. There was no faffing, he was straight to the point, got us all involved. We had fun as well as learnt a lot. Thank you Gerry"

Nanny, Essex, Jan 2019

"Excellent Training, Gerry made us feel relaxed, Made the information we needed to know fun and interesting to learn so we could remember without feeling overwhelmed, totally would recommend and use again."

Practitioner, Essex, Jan 2019

"Gerry delivered the course very well. I felt at ease for the whole course asking any question I had. He made the course fun too! Thanks Gerry."

Nanny, Essex, Jan 2019

"I have found first aid very good, I enjoyed learning about it. Gerry was a very good teacher. I have learnt so much, I would recommend First Aid. :) Thank you."

Apprentice, Bedfordshire, Dec 2018

"I found the course very interesting, found out lots of things that I didn't know which will be very useful. My trainer was amazing at teaching us the information and made it fun and interesting."

Nursery Nurse, Hertfordshire, Dec 2018

"Fantastic course, Chris made it enjoyable and memorable. We will be continuing our future courses with CL training. Highly Recommend."

Dance Instructor, Hertfordshire, Dec 2018

"I have attended two Paediatric first aid courses with CL Training and can highly recommend them, Chris and Gerry the instructors made the course fun, interesting but very informative and easy to understand. Will always do my training with them."

Childminder, Colchester, September 2018​

"Chris and Gerry were fantastic instructors who made the course easy to follow fun and relaxed. I will definitely be back in 3 years and recommend them to anyone."

Nanny, Hertfordshire, September 2018

"Chris + Gerry were very informative in a fun way + felt comfortable to ask any questions needed to know. Would recommend this company."

Nanny, Hertfordshire, September 2018

"Gerry is a great trainer, very knowledgeable and informative. It was fun, relaxed ans without pressure. Helpful if unsure on anything + was too much trouble. Highly recommend! :-)"

Childminder, Essex, August 2018

"Super trainer, made the course enjoyable and interesting. Covered everything. It was very informative we were all engaged throughout. Well done!"

Childminder, Colchester, August 2018

"Very informative, made it fun but interesting as well. Learned quite a lot. Wasn't afraid to ask questions. Really happy."

Preschool Assistant, Chelmsford, August 2018

"I really enjoyed the training, everything was explained in a way which was easy to understand; comfortable atmosphere so I was confident to ask questions without feeling silly."

Teaching Assistant, Chelmsford August 2018

"Information was presented in a very accessible form. Chris was very good at involving everyone. A very positive experience and learning useful information, advice and guidance"

Volunteer, Barnet, July 2018

"What a great teacher, I lacked confidence until the second session, I learnt new things about first aid that had not been covered before. I am ready for any situation now and that's thanks to Chris."

Nursery Nurse, Bedford, July 2018

"Really informative trainers, were very easy to talk to + would discuss any queries straight away. I feel very happy to perform first aid should it be needed."

Nanny, Bedford, July 2018

"Gerry is friendly and welcoming. He makes learning fun and interesting. Lots of information so very good when we have lots of questions. We enjoyed ourselves which helps with the learning and nice and relaxing when being at home. Would definitely recommend doing first aid with Gerry (CL Training)"

Childminder, Bedfordshire, July 2018

"Enjoyed our training with Gerry! Enjoyable session, it was nice having the same trainer again to refresh from the 3 years. It comes to light a lot quicker and you seem to remember more than you think you will. It's nice and relaxed having the training in the comfort of your home and in a more intimate group! Thank you!"

Childminder, Bedfordshire, July 2018

"Gerry makes the course fun, interesting, easy to take all the info in. Relaxed home environment was good. Good to have the same teacher. Clear and easy to understand info + gets you to join in and think and learn. 5 star out of 5."

Childminder, Bedfordshire, July 2018

"A really good first aid course. Lots of good and accurate info fun. The time passed really quickly, I felt I learned a lot."

Childminder, Braintree, July 2018

"Thank you so much for such an informative and professional first aid course."

Deputy Manager, Duxford, June 2018

"A fun, informative and specific course entirely relevant to my work place role. Thank you"

Playworker, Cambridgeshire, June 2018

"Trainer Gerry was very good, made us feel relaxed and made the course fun while learning the importance of first aid."

Childminder, Harpenden, June 2018

"Gerry is a superb trainer, he is approachable, knowledgeable, fun and patient. No question is a 'silly question' and 12 hours felt like 2 as he kept it upbeat throughout. I feel more confident now to administer first aid in my work life and family life."

Childminder Assistant, Colchester, May 2018

"Gerry is a very able first aid instructor who delivered the course in a fun and interesting way. He didn't rush any of it and was happy to answer any questions. I enjoyed it very much."

Childminder Assistant, Colchester, May 2018

"I really enjoyed the course. I have attended many first aid courses over the years, this has been the best course so far. I like the way Gerry teaches the class."

Nanny, Harpenden, May 2018

"Fun, friendly, I have done first aid many time over the years, but still learnt new and interesting information."

Nanny, Hertfordshire, May 2018

"A great course run by a trainer in such a way, I'll remember all those important topics for a long time to come!"

Pre-school Key worker, Hertfordshire, April 2018

"The most fun, informative first aid training course I have ever attended :)"

Pre-school practitioner, Bishop Stortford, April 2018

"I was of the participants on a paediatric first aid course given by Gerry.

I have been on several first aid courses in my time, but i have learnt a lot more on this course than the others. Gerry's approach was friendly, warm and reassuring when seeing us do the things but detailed and organised when discussing with us what to do when. Thank you very much Gerry. I have recommended this course to two other potential clients.

Retired, South Hertfordshire, April 2018

"Fantastic experience on this first aid course! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and will definitely be re-booking again in 3 years time!"

Childminder, Potters Bar, April 2018

"Gerry is an excellent trainer. He kept us engaged all the way through the course with examples and easy ways to remember the theory though. Great balance between practice, testimonials and theory. I will recommend"

Sales Executive, Hertfordsire, April 2018

"Gerry is a very warm and friendly trainer. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience from his interesting occupations over the years that make him a fantastic trainer. He is very approachable when you want to ask him something and can answer anything. He made the days fun and interesting."

Nanny, Stevenage, March 2018

"Very friendly and relaxed, made me feel at ease. Enjoyable, much better than other courses I've had before. Learned new skills through training. Would recommend to others,"

Nanny, Hertfordshire, March 2018

"I had a really good experience with Chris and Gerry, they are very positive people, they have taught me new things in a fun way, I would definitely recommend."

Nanny, Hertfordshire, March 2018

"The course was very easy to follow and created a relaxed environment. The instructor was down to earth and explained the course information well. Thankyou very much"

Nanny, Watford, March 2018

"I thought Gerry was a great trainer, he made the course interesting which helps with the learning. He was very approachable and gave plenty of time for any questions you had and explained things fully."

Childminder, Abbots Langley, March 2018

"I have found this very useful. Gerry has provided very useful information which i will be able to carry with me for the rest of my career/life. This has been very educational."

Nursery nurse trainee, Leighton Buzzard, January 2018

"Gerry has made the course interesting and easy to remember."

Nursery nurse, Leighton Buzzard, January 2018

"*Educational, exciting course

* Have learnt a lot more about first aid

* Gerry very good"

Nursery nurse, Leighton Buzzard, January 2018

"A very informative and interesting way to learn first aid. Gerry made the whole course very fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it"

Nursery nurse, Berkhamsted, December 2017

"The course was made fun but informative by both instructors. I enjoyed the course and felt I understood everything"

Childminding Assistant, Braintree, December 2017

"CL First Aid Training is great! Chris was very engaging with all members of staff making the training fun and interactive, I would definitely recommend CL Fist Aid Training"

Nursery Nurse, Harrow, November 2017

"Very good training, fun relaxed and informative. Covered everything needed and answered any questions we had, made sure we understood everything before moving onto next subject. Would recommend and book again in the future"

Nanny, Cambridge, November 2017

"I have attended many first aid courses but this particular course was excellent. The trainer was so informative and made the course fun. He made the information he delivered to us easy to process and understand. It was great to be able to have the training in the comfort of my own home and not having to travel miles. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for first aid training. Thank you"

Nanny, Suffolk, November 2017

"This has been my second experience of using CL First Aid Training and I can say with 100% certainty that I wont be using a different company ever again. Chris and Gerry provide incredible information that is easy to digest - their knowledge is second to none and I always come away feeling like I could stay calm and confident if faced with a crisis. See you in 3 years guys! Thank you."

Nanny, Hertford, October 2017

"I had a great training session, Chris and Gerry were very good and showed great demonstrations. Everything was clear, I would recommend this company to train for First Aid."

Dance Teacher, Hertford, October 2017

"Very informative and interesting course. Will use this company again for any more courses."

Childminder, Hemel Hempstead, October 2017

"I found this first aid course very easy to follow and informative. The presentation was clear and concise. I will use this company again and recommend it to other childminders." 

Childminder, Hemel Hempstead, October 2017

"Has been fundamental for me to progress in my area of occupation and will put me in position to apply First Aid if needed in a gym with confidence."

Personal Trainer, Chelmsford, October 2017

"Gerry is a fantastic man with lots of experience which he brings to the training. He kept the training lighthearted whilst demonstrating his huge wealth of knowledge. An enjoyable couple of days and I feel much more confident about all things first aid. Thanks Gerry."

Childminder, St Albans, October 2017

"Gerry was a fab trainer, he made it fun, he's very knowledgeable and the whole course was great. I like that it was done from knowledge and whiteboard rather than a presentation, this made it more interactive!"

Nanny, Watford, October 2017

"Chris took the time to connect with each member of the group. This meant that the course was personalised, memorable and really enjoyable. He is so knowledgeable and fantastic at transferring this knowledge - we have learned so much and enjoyed doing so! Highly recommended."

Childminder, Chelmsford, October 2017

"Chris was incredibly enthusiastic, very easy to get along with. He spoke clearly - was easy to understand him in order to absorb information. Overall, an incredibly fun two days, Chris made the course very enjoyable. Thanks."

Playworker, Melbourn, September 2017

"Chris was very welcoming and made first aid training fun. Not a bored face in the training and a huge amount of knowledge and training received!"

Playworker, Royston/Melbourn, September 2017

"I really enjoyed the first aid course and felt comfortable in a small group. Chis is very friendly and covered all areas in a fun and informative way. Highly recommend."

Childminder, Braintree, September 2017

"I found the course to be interesting and relevant. The training was interactive with role play and the chance to have some fun with the dummy (Charlie) which helped to re-enforce learning."

GP Doctor, Kempston, September 2017

"The first aid course was really interesting and delivered in a fun way, keeping us engaged at all times. We were encouraged to participate at all times making the learning so much fun. Thank you."

Nursery Assistant, Watford, September 2017

"This is my second time of using CL First Aid, I always highly recommend it to other child care practitioners"

Nanny/Maternity Nurse, Herts, September 2017

"Gerry was very informative and was able to give information in a fun way. He was patient and able to answer our questions. A really friendly guy"

Nursery nurse, Harefield, September 2017

"Trainer was a friendly man, very informative and make the course enjoyable. He takes time to answer any questions or concerns we had." 

Teaching assistant, Harefield, September 2017

"Fantastic course. Extremely helpful and very interesting. Given me lots of confidence in paediatric first aid." 

Cabin crew, West Sussex, August 2017

Really enjoyed the course so much information( not daunting)and really enjoyed the conversations with other candidates. Trainer is brilliant and really knew what he was talking about.

Would definitely recommend." 

Operations Clerk Horsham August 2017

" Chris is amazing, he made the session very fun and informative. As a mother myself I feel more confident with first aid now. Thank you"

Nursery Practitioner, Luton August 2017

"I would highly recommend this, it is an excellent opportunity to do and it is really fun whilst learning on this course I have learnt a lot of which I never knew before." 

Attendee, Luton August 2017 

"First aid training with Chris was really good. He was very friendly,approachable and very knowledge.

He made the course interesting and memorable and I would definitely book again with him." 

Nanny, Horsham August 2017

"The course proved very intense but proved equally as interesting and informative with a funny and genuinely helpful instructor"

Nursery Assistant, Watford, July 2017

"Very well organised and professional trainer. Course was carried out with patience and personalised to our needs."

Nurser Manager, Watford, July 2017

"Chris was brilliant, his teaching technique was clear to understand and to the point. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone. He is awesome!"

Nursery Manager, Edgbaston, July 2017

"Would highly recommend this Paediatric 1st Aid course to everyone. Chris is funny, informative and makes the course enjoyable and easy to learn from. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my 1st Aid Course"